We are the association for the immersive future of Europe.

We gather not only leaders and startups of the virtual, augmented and mixed reality industries, but also players in other technologies constituting the New Digital Reality such as blockchain or artificial intelligence.

Our goal is to create a true industry of immersive technologies in Europe, that is strong, proactive, united and with a potential to become the global leader. In order to do so, we pursue three types of activities:

1 Facilitating the policy and industry debate across Europe: Our approach is to be proactive and discuss the potential regulatory and policy issues before they appear. In order to do so we facilitate the industry dialogue and help to form a common approach. Also, we support the industry in running of a dialogue on crucial topics such as research, skills or quality standards and good practices.

2 Promoting the immersive tech industry: Rise of the New Digital Reality revolutionises multiple sectors – from commerce, manufacturing industries or construction, to culture, healthcare and education. Digital reality is becoming parallel to the real, and creating an industry on its own. We are here to promote it, explain its benefits to public, share stories of success in Europe and provide statistics on its development.

3 Ensuring business networking across Europe: Europe is a patchwork of countries with their specificities regarding the immersive tech industry. If Europe wants to be the global leader and profit from the digital reality, its actors need to cooperate across countries and work as one vibrant ecosystem. We are here to help with an ambition to connect local community leaders and ensure Europe-wide networking opportunities.